3/31 – D. Rider, Unitard, Astro Bats, at Louie’s TONIGHT

You should do yourself a favor and watch/listen to the above music video before moving any further into this article.

Okay?  A bit nauseous?  Alienated?  Excited!?!  Yes, Chicago’s D. Rider bring off-kilter riffs and disturbed grooves to the table for a meal that may very well be the most filling blend of bizarre and infectious that you’ve had in some time.  Featuring former members of classic deconstructionist group U.S. Maple, D. Rider returns to Kalamazoo for the first time since they toured with AIDS Wolf last fall.

Also on the bill are Astro Bats out of Grand Rapids, with their minimalist rock/jazz noise that recalls early improv-heavy post-rock bands like The Dead C and Les Rallizes Denudes. Check out their track Into The Sun

Kalamazoo’s pride and joy, Unitard, will also play one of their unique sets, always a guaranteed high quality occasion.  One DITKalamazoo member describes them as “the most intelligent noise band you’ll ever see.”  Fitting, for sure!

This show is happening tonight, Thursday, March 31st, at the ol’ Louie’s Trophy House at 440 E. North Street just a shot over from downtown Kalamazoo.  Entry is $6 and show kicks off promptly at 10 p.m.

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