DIT – Changing For The Better In The Near Future!

After over five years of a wonderful time on the WordPress format, DIT is taking a leap to a new platform. After much talk and consideration, it seems that wordpress is no longer the most functional site for the most-used purposes of DIT.

Expect soon, a site which will function entirely on mobile, as well as on a computer. The site will consist of the calendar list format (ie the sidebar and shows page here) as well as a month-to-month calendar view for those not that into scrolling.

The page will also have a form to submit an event, so that anyone in town booking/playing/promoting has a simple way to share information about their DIY event. No need to email or create an account, just fill out the form and it will get to the site admins, who can add it to the site.

For those who are still interested in write-ups for events, every event on the list calendar will be clickable with a link to the facbook page, as well as a spot for more information. It would be ideal if people would write up descriptions for the site, so that people who don’t know certain bands can get a general idea! It’s always been a fun part of the site, but interest has dwindled in the last two years, so we are no longer promoting write-ups as the focus of the site.

We hope to keep this wordpress account going for archival purposes. Five+ years of show write-ups, along with useful articles is nothing to throw away. Any resource this site has now, we’d like to keep available.

Thank you all for your continued support of DITkalamazoo! Without people playing/making/doing/experiencing, this is all meaningless. Hopefully the new site means an easier way for folks to get involved. Any questions can always be directed to ditkalamazoo@gmail.com.

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Satellite Records is hosting an evening of Experimental sounds tomorrow. Add that to the Jack Tell / Heavy Leaves / Aric Smejkal / Misery Loves Co. show at Milhouse and you’ve got a well rounded night of music!

Local favorites Forget The Times will be kicking off with a set of striped back Ambient drone featuring lots of Saxophone looping and feedback manipulation. Get ready for it!

Show starts at 6pm. $5 suggest donation (for the touring band). All ages.

is coming in from Toledo to give us a heavy dose of Electronic Minimalism. Check these videos for a sample of what’s in store:


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Two Shows / Many Sounds / Wednesday Night – Satellite / Milhouse 7.15

If you feel so inclined, this Wednesday there will be two shows back to back! Satellite Records, now always beginning their shows at 6:00 PM will have sounds from the noisy gnar full band of legendary locals FORGET THE TIMES, as well as outta towners THE KBD SONIC COLLECTIVE. Expect soundscapes and meditation, with breaks filled with the sound equivalent of harsh reality.

Beyond that, MILHOUSE will be having a living room (or possibly porch) show, featuring some excellent folks out of one of our favorite cities, Milwaukee! HEAVY LEAVES and JACK TELL play their own personal brands of sad, contemplative folk. Singing songs that feel relateable as they do important.

This show will also feature locals MISERY LOVES CO., the solo project of Josh Miller of Forget The Times/Shoto. If he can play two shows, assuredly you can make it to at least one as a spectator! Also local ARIC SMEJKAL of Edith will be bringing his excellent solo works. Both locals are going to bum you the fuck out but you’ll probably also really dig it.

SATELLITE RECORDS starts at 6:00.  $5 suggested donation.

MILHOUSE starts at 9:00. donations always suggested.

be excellent.

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Taking Out The Thrash @ Milhouse 6/30

Tonight! Live and in person! Music and sounds to shock and confound, brought to you by the folks who know how to bring it. Starts at 9PM, so set your alarm now.

Get Fucked (The Band)
A raucous, rollicking racket reminiscent of nothing at all. Featuring members of Forget the times, Anybody But The Cops and Fuzztown, GF(TB) sounds almost exactly like the sum of its parts. Probably the final performance, so save your smokes for after their set.

Oozing from the gutters of Grand Rapids and ready to tear Milhouse a new asshole (like it really needs one), and then stitch it back together. Black shirts, black metal, black eyes. Hide your kids, hide your wife.

Desiring Dead Flesh
Hailing from Bay City and on their way to Illinois’ Audiofeed festival, this troupe of ne’er-do-wells is adequately prepared to rage against the washing machine. Side effects may include blastbeats, breakdowns, bugzappers, balloons, and a really long microphone cable. Get your hands outta your armpits and get your feet into the circle pits.

Restrictions may apply. Donate even if you can’t. Respect everything you can see, hear, touch, taste or smell. \m/

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Monday Nite Basement Antics – WOOZY (New Orleans), EVERYONE & THEIR EMPTY CUPS, BORING PEOPLE @ Free Clinic – 6.8

The forecast for Kalamazoo, MI on Monday, June 8 reads “Partly cloudy skies. Chance of a shower or thunderstorm throughout the evening. Guarantee of rock ‘n’ roll as night falls.” Free Clinic is hosting three bands that are a lot of fun and should start your week off memorably.

Woozy are a three-piece experimental rock outfit hailing from New Orleans. The band have a proclivity for melancholy melodies which they skillfully and craftily maneuver around with adventurous guitar and drum arrangements, at times lilting while at other times rambunctious. The cut featured below from their Sundown Sessions contains good examples of the group’s dynamic contrast.

Kalamazoo’s Boring People are known for their infectious melodies supported by heavy-hitting instrumentation. In preparation for their debut album coming out on Already Dead Tapes next week, they will bring the ruckus to Free Clinic with several songs from the aforementioned release. The first single, “Spiderbite,” is featured in live form below.

Everyone & Their Empty Cups are known for highly energetic live performances inundated with grooves and hooks. Featured below is the first ten minutes of a set performed at Louie’s this past winter and is a small encapsulation of the real experience. Check it out!

Things should be getting underway shortly after 9 p.m. Please remember to donate to the touring band. Respect the space. Respect the bands. Let’s have a good time!

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Gnarly Noise And Earnest Songwriting – PALEHOUND (Boston, MA), GUPPY, PETRILLO – Milhouse – 6.3

Sometimes I get so excited about a show in Kalamazoo, I don’t even know what to say. Or rather, I have plenty to say, but it all sounds like endless embarrassing gushing to a friend IMG_2579you think is too cool to hang out with you. That might be the perfect tone for this event, but I’ll keep my elated word-vomit to a minimum and try to get to the crux of the whole thing.

So here’s what you need to know:

PALEHOUND is the full-band songwriter project of Ellen Kempner out of Boston, MA. They are on Exploding In Sound records which, if you’ve been to a Milhouse show in the last 3 years, you may have seen a label-mate or two of theirs (Krill, Porches., Kal Marks, formerly Speedy Ortiz – and other great projects that have played around Kalamazoo). The music could be compared to many of those related artists. The guitar work is on point, never trite or expected, and the songwriting is personal but also clever. I love it, and in all likelihood you will love it too. If you have any doubts about the excellence of this band that you don’t know, know that they are currently on a tour with Alex G and Speedy Ortiz, and have just happened to decide to make a stop in some dingy Kalamazoo basement just because.

Also bringing the warped hooks for days and out there guitar work are two local super-groups so to speak.

GUPPY are a product of folks from The Reptilian, Anybody But The Cops, Shoto, and Ackley Kid. Equal parts undeniably hooky writing and well placed noise and gnar, Guppy are quickly solidifying themselves as some of the most compelling noisy emo bands in West Michigan. Expect a tape from them soon, but until then most of their work can only be heard live, so come check it out!

And finally PETRILLO who are a super group of women who have been doing nothing but bringing the creative ruckus to DIY and other circles in Kalamazoo for YEARS, though not often musically. They have found each other and are now making some of the most interesting music I have personally see come out of Kalamazoo in years. If you are finding things to be much to formulaic, and you’d like to see something a bit more off the wall (the range of influences you could pin to this band are staggering, honestly) that still strikes a chord emotionally, this band is for you! They have no recordings. Come to the show and find out for yourself.

This show starts at 8:30 PM! Please bring money for the touring act. Be excellent to each and every person around ya. Email ditkalamazoo@gmail.com for the address.

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FUZZ.REVERB.FEEDBACK. – Skull Kid (PA) | Take One Car (NY) | Edith | Cardboard Highway | Welcome Neighbors – 5/28 – Rey Mysterio’s

Too many bands on this bill to waste your time being long-winded about the whole thing. Two out of towners. Three locals. One house. Lots and lots of hooks and yelling. Too good to miss! But don’t take my word for it, listen to the sounds yourself.

SKULL KID (Pittsburgh, PA) sound like the band you’re going to get obsessed with this summer


TAKE ONE CAR (Poughkeepsie,NY) sound like the lines you’ll get stuck in your head for days that you might accidentally falsely attribute to mewithoutYou


EDITH (here) sounds like if Alex G broke into your band’s practice space with some friends and just started fucking around with some new stuff you haven’t heard yet


CARDBOARD HIGHWAY (here) sound like Kalamazoo in 2009 though you just moved here last year so you’re not entirely sure what that’s all about but it feels nostalgic as all get out.


WELCOME NEIGHBORS (here) sound like a new band that you might not have heard and wont unless you just go to the show yourself and give it a listen.


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